About Us
Fusion Second is a digital media and software development company based in Lebanon and Belgium. Our main focus is providing solutions for web and mobile platforms. We offer online strategy development, website design and development, mobile application design and development as well as software development and technical consultancy.

Fusion Second strives to deliver the highest quality of products and services, and building long-lasting and strong professional relationships with its clients. Our consultants are trained to understand the client's needs and businesses processes, so that the delivered product is up to the client’s expectations and fittingly complements their image.
Our current client base includes local and international businesses, non-governmental organizations, schools, UN programs, design firms, and media outlets.
By utilizing the latest technologies in the fields of web and mobile development, we not only ensure that our deliverables adhere to market standards, but we also strive to set new standards in the industry.
Featured Projects
Menapolis is a programmatic and research consultancy specializing in governance and development in the Middle East and North Africa, based in Istanbul, Turkey and Beirut, Lebanon. Designed and developed by Fusion Second, their new website focuses on promoting and detailing their unique and profound human rights projects.
Elsa O L’accessoire
"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory". Visit Elsa O’s beauty and fashion blog and get inspired! Designed and developed by Fusion Second.
Mideastwire.com is an Internet-based news service that employs a team of translators around the region to gather important stories from and about the Middle East: 22 Arab countries, Iran, and the Arab media Diaspora generally. Fusion Second designed and developed their revamped website, which launched in early 2016.
Zezty Z
Fusion Second helped Alexander Harik, living New York and from Lebanese origin, to build Zezty Z's online presence through designing and devleoping his website. Zesty Z™ is a new, healthy snack inspired by the Mediterranean and made in New York. Move over hummus, there’s a new kid in town!
Designed and developed by Fusion Second, Kamkalima is the education technology tool of choice for schools that want to offer students the chance to experience the joy of creativity, collaboration, and success in Arabic. It is a unique and ambitious project that aims to drive education onto an exciting and fun path!
International School of London
The International School of London revamped their online portal and launched three fresh websites for their campuses in London, Surrey, and Qatar.
Fusion Second developed the websites and powered them with a powerful and advanced Content Management System (CMS), custom made and tailored specially to the schools’ requests and needs. The website’s beautiful aesthetics are resonating with visitors from all over the world.
Playin' Safe
Playin’ Safe is a music player with an innovative safety feature.
The application switches the device to an eyes free mode when the speed of the user exceeds a given threshold, allowing the user to change the music volume and audio track with ease. This allows the user to keep focus on the road ahead. Playin’ Safe is available for iOS.
Tasharuk is a peer-to-peer online knowledge-base about using social technologies to strengthen societies.
It is an initiative owned by SMEX. Designed and developed by Fusion Second, it has set new web standards regarding developing a feature-heavy platform that remains lightweight, user-friendly, and highly secure. Moreover, the design is minimalistic, progressive, and easy for users to interpret with minimal guidance.
We continue to evolve and support Tasharuk to help it grow and reach a bigger audience.
False Alarm Movie
Fusion Second designed and developed the creative and beautiful website for the documentary movie False Alarm.
It is a film about revolution, exile, death, hope, victory and defeat. Told by young Syrians filming each other’s journeys and holding on to their cameras like they were the only proof of existence. It is a story about a country that has become unrecognizable to its own inhabitants.
EQLIM is an information services company based in Beirut providing data analysis for individuals and organizations on emerging events.
Fusion Second designed and developed their current website and is currently evolving it into an online platform presenting subscribed users with detailed infographics and visualizations.
NetHawwal is an interactive bilingual online training initiative by Social Media Exchange (SMEX) aimed at the Arab community in order to develop the required skills for effective and successful use of social media.
Training is done through online courses, quizzes, and by earning badges and certificates.
Our involvement in the project started at the brainstorming of the concept, and continued through the branding, design, development, and marketing of the platform.
Xplorama is a powerful, feature rich, lifestyle app. It combines the best features of the lifestyle, exploration and travel apps in one easy to use package.
If you are visiting a place for the first time and want to explore what the area has to offer, Xplorama offers a wide variety of tools to help you get the most from your visit. Xplorama is currently available on iOS.
Bidayyat, for Audiovisual Arts, is a Syrian non-profit organization that supports and produces Syrian documentaries and short and experimental films and organizes specialized training courses on documentary filmmaking.
Fusion Second designed and developed their website that hosts their latest work, and an archive of articles and multimedia. The website’s design has resonated with our clients who found it minimalistic yet visually striking and immersive.
Legal Agenda
Legal Agenda is an independent journalism organization covering contemporary and controversial topics related to political and socioeconomic issues.
Fusion Second revamped the website’s security construct and extended the existing website’s functionality by adding new sections and enhancing the user experience. We are currently still evolving the website and implementing new features.
Fouad Samara Architects
Aiming to produce an indigenous architecture that is relevant to its cultural, social, economic and physical context, Fouad Samara Architects seeks a unique architectural solution for each and every project, void of any stylistic or branding preoccupation.
Designed by our collaborators, Polypod, Fusion Second undertook the challenge of developing this modern and fresh looking award-winning website.
Qi Juice Cleanse
Qi is a certified health cleanse program based on going on a 1, 3, or 5 days cleanse drinking only selected juices of mixed vegetables and fruits. Qi’s kitchen is now available in Beirut.
Fusion Second developed Qi’s online platform to promote their products, and integrated an online payment solution so that their clients can order and pay for their bottles online and have them delivered directly to their homes.
Alef is an online platform for publishing content of independent writers, musicians, and artists in the Arab world and promoting them.
Fusion Second designed and developed Alef’s new website while implementing detailed requirements regarding the presentation of the publications and grouping of content.
The process comprised migrating a large database into a new architecture without any compromise.
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